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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions you may have about the Northern California Romance Writers.

Does the group ever meet in person?

Most meetings are held online, via Zoom, with in-person meetings on a quarterly basis.

Is NorCalRW of value to Romance writers exclusively?

While group membership is not limited to those who write romance, the organization's focus is romantic fiction. Members and non-members are welcome to pay for and attend meetings. Speakers have presented on topics as diverse as Craft (world-building, creating compelling characters, plot development, series management, etc.), Career (writing a synopsis, choosing your path to publication, etc.) and Business (legal and financial considerations), among others. Subject matter experts share their knowledge on topics such as crime scene investigation, emergency room procedures, and law enforcement. If a month's topic is of interest, we encourage everyone to register and attend.

I don't have a PayPal account. Must I establish one in order to join the group and/or pay for a meeting?

No. You can pay via PayPal without establishing a PayPal account. Click here for more information.

I don't want to pay online at all. Is there a way to pay for membership and meetings by check?

You can join NCRW with a personal check, but your membership likely won't become effective for a few weeks due to probable processing delays. Make your check payable to "Sacramento Valley Rose RWA" (temporary name until we make all necessary changes with the bank and PayPal), add a memo "membership dues," sign and mail to NCRW, PO Box 1254, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741. 

In-person meetings will be paid for by personal check or cash. We're sorry, but we cannot accept checks for the Zoom meetings due to the realities of check processing.

I'm a member in good standing (current on annual dues) of NorCalRW. Is there a members-only site for discussions? Where do I find speaker handouts, etc.?

Yes. When you joined, you should have received an email invitation to join our members-only forum. If you didn't receive the email (check your Blocked/Junk folder; it might be there), send a message via our Contact page and we'll resend it.

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