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Our Leadership

Bonnie Phelps, President

Deborah Putnam, Treasurer

Janina Henderson, Secretary

Ellie Ashe & Cindy Munoz, Co-VPs of Programs

Anna J. Stewart, VP Membership & Outreach

Phyllis Laatsch, Newsletter

Brenda Parker, Zoom Meeting Coordinator

Madeline Olson, Webmistress

Our Members

NorCal Romance Writers is a collection of traditionally-published, independently-published, and to-be-published authors of romantic fiction. Most reside in northern California, but we have members across North America. Everyone with an interest in writing romance or fiction with romantic elements is welcome to join.

Here are some of our members' websites:

Alex Andersen

Amy Lane

Anna J. Stewart

Bonnie Phelps

Cato Bouquet

Cera Fallon

Charlene Johnson

Charlene Whitman

Dawn Baca

Debra Sennefelder

Diana McCollum

Ellie Ashe

Jo Donahue

Kathy Coatney

Lane Martin

Lily Danes

Loucinda McGary

Lu Erickson

Madeline Olson

Philippa Lodge

Robin Alexander

Sheryl Lister

Susan Berry

Tina Gower

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